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What’s For Dinner

What's For Dinner: Seafood Enchiladas

Why go out for Mexican food when you can make it at home? This recipe is a perfect one to make over the weekend. Invite some friends over, put out the chips and salsa and […]


What's For Dinner: Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions

It’s hard to deny the fact that bacon makes everything taste better (unless of course you’re a vegetarian or keep kosher). Taking a piece of meat and wrapping it in bacon is nothing short of […]


What's For Dinner: Sweet and Sour Meatloaf

Sweet & Sour foods come in all different shapes, sizes and types…meatballs, chicken, pork…so why not have sweet & sour meatloaf too. If you’re not one for going The Brady Bunch 60s & 70s style […]


What's For Dinner: Creamy Chicken and Rice

If you’re not worrying about your waist line and you’re looking for a rich, creamy meal, this is the recipe is for you. There is nothing low cal about this recipe. It includes cheese, sour […]


What's For Dinner: Chicken Breasts with Lime Sauce

Chicken breasts always make for a great meal.  They’re healthy and there are a ton of different ways you can prepare them.  The lime juice gives this recipe an extra tangy taste and it can […]


What's For Dinner: French Onion Soup

There’s just something about a dish which includes melted cheese on top.  French onion soup is one of those dishes which is always savory and just plain delicious.  One of the best parts of the […]


What's For Dinner: Mexican Soup

This weekend it’s supposed to finally feel like fall again.  So let’s go back to  featuring hot soup for dinner.   This hearty Mexican soup features seasoned chicken, fresh vegetables and spices.  You pretty much throw […]


What's For Dinner: Gazpacho

With record heat today, it’s not exactly the perfect weather to have a hot bowl of soup for dinner. But a bowl of cold soup works and gazpacho is the quintessential cold soup with lots […]


What's For Dinner: Hot or Cold Roasted Tomato Soup

So maybe this isn’t the best week to feature soup for dinner, with temperatures during the day reaching the upper 80’s to low 90’s. But, let’s make the most of it anyway. Here’s a soup […]


What's For Dinner: Homemade Chicken Soup

Now that the evenings have been nice and cool, it’s the perfect time to make soup.  All this week, our What’s For Dinner posts will be a different soup recipe.  I am starting off with […]