Weight Loss Monday

Five Refreshing Low Calorie Drinks To Cool Off With During Summer

The long, hot summer days are approaching and that means finding ways to keep cool in the blazing heat. It’s important to stay hydrated with water throughout the day, but sometimes that’s not enough to […]


Four Sneaky Eating Tricks That Help Cut Calories

In the ever-evolving battle of the bulge, we’re likely to try just about any diet, workout or eating tips to help keep our weight under control and loose those few extra pounds. If you keep […]


Five Easy Shortcuts To Make Your Metabolism Work Overtime

The body’s metabolism is the key to dropping weight and keeping your vital organs function smoothly, and the faster it runs, the more calories are burned, which results in more weight loss. You metabolism breaks […]


Five Exotic Super Fruits To Aid Extra Weight Loss

Everybody knows the health benefits a daily dose of fruits and vegetables brings to your diet, but rarely do customers pick up the oddly shaped or tough-shelled tropical fruits in the grocery store. If you […]


Five Fun, Low Intensity Exercises To Get Fit At The Beach

Now that beach temperatures are rising, it’s the perfect time to get some sun on the shore and relax by the water. The beach is also a prime location to mix in your daily exercises […]


Ten Classic Hits To Get Your Blood Moving And Pump Up Your Heart Rate While Working Out

Face it, working out isn’t the funnest activity in the world, but it needs to be done to keep in tip-top shape. Music is a must-have accessory to accompany every workout and having fun, energetic […]


Count Calories With A ‘Snap’ Of A Picture On Your Phone

In the smartphone day and age, you can practically find any everyday convenience at a push of the touch screen on your iPhone, which makes it all the more easier to help keep track of […]


Power Foods To Help In Weight Loss

Just because you’re looking to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. There are plenty of great foods which you can eat on a daily basis which not only will aid in weight […]


Four Fresh Springtime Foods To Help Slim Down In Time For Bathing Suit Season

Nevermind the fact that Los Angeles was greeted with a torrential downpour on the first day of spring, the season of longer days and warmer weather is finally here, and that means getting in shape […]


Five Energizing Early Morning Workout Tips To Help You Rise & Shine

  With daylight savings hitting power snoozers hard and taking away that golden hour of sleep this weekend, rolling out of bed never seemed so hard to do. You might be feeling a bit lethargic […]