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Vladimir Putin

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Elton John Defends Russian LGBT Community in Open Letter to Vladimir Putin

Elton John isn’t one to stay quiet. So after hearing about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent statements linking homosexuality to pedophilia, he decided he needed to address the foreign leader directly.


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Paul McCartney Attempts to Charm Putin into Releasing Greenpeace Prisoners

McCartney posted an open letter to his website today (Nov. 14) assuring Putin that the 28 activists from Greenpeace that were placed in jail last month after they staged a protest at a Russian oil-drilling platform in the Arctic Ocean are neither anti-Russia nor working on behalf of the western governments.


Video: Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin Sings "Blueberry Hill" at Charity Event

Along with leading an entire government and nation, who knew that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin can also lead a swingin’ jazz band! Putin showed off his hidden talents as a pianist and singer (even enunciating […]