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Do You Have A Real Life Doppelganger? Find Out Now!

Has someone ever said to you: “You look just like (BLANK)? Check out this really cool website called “TWIN STRANGERS“. Find out if there is someone out there that looks just like you!

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A New Line Of Star Wars Toys Will Be Revealed Live Online – Find Out When!

The folks over at Disney Consumer Products and Lucasfilm have announced a global unveiling of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys! The event will span over 18 hours and 12 countries leading up to the […]

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Does This “Butter” Look Like “Donald Trump”?

“I can’t believe it’s not Donald Trump”! That’s what you’ll say after seeing this cube of butter that seems to resemble the Republican Presidential Candidate! Take a look!  

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Donald Trump - King of the Comb Over and 'Reverse Raccoon' Eye Makeup

Gary Bryan’s Exclusive Interview With Donald Trump’s Hair!

  Gary Bryan received a special call to the show this morning from none other than Donald Trump’s hair!   He had some exclusive inside information from deep in the Donald’s Presidential Campaign!      […]

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You Won’t Believe What Happens After You Have A Red Bull Energy Drink!

Ever wonder what happens after you drink a Red Bull energy drink?  Well just like the “Coke” graphic posted last week, someone has broken down the facts! Check it out! See the FULL GRAPHIC HERE

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Guess Which NFL Team Leads In Arrests Over The Past 5 Years?

Someone has kept track of all the arrests made over the past 5 years involving NFL players.  Guess which team came out on top?

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Read Frank Gifford’s Daughter’s Heartfelt Tribute To Her Father!

Cassidy Gifford took to Instagram Monday to write a tribute to her late father, Frank Gifford, who died Sunday morning. She wrote about how her father had such a wonderful life. “Very few people are blessed […]

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Shocking! Look What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke!

(From CBS Atlanta) A graphic that reportedly breaks down the effects a can of Coca-Cola has on a person’s body is going viral. The graphic – titled “What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can […]

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Can You Solve This Math Problem That Has Stumped The World?

A math problem intended for Singaporean high school students was posted online and has since gone viral after stumping people on social media. The problem was posted by a television host, Kenneth Kong, who asked for […]


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SoCal Business Makes 1-Pound Doughnut Stuffed With Pop Tart

FOUNTAIN VALLEY ( — A Southern California business has created a 1-pound treat called the Big Poppa-Tart Donut. The creation from the Donut Bar in Fountain Valley includes a doughnut stuffed with a Pop Tart, […]