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Is This The Cutest Baby Laugh Ever?

A video of a baby laughing like a troll has gone viral with nearly 2 million views.


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Cockatoo Argues With Owner About Going To The Vet

In this viral video, a Cockatoo named Max is told by his owner that he has to go to the vet to get his nails trimmed, but Max is having none of that. His owner angeleyedboidan […]


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Watch: Contestant Solves ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle With ONE Letter

Well, color us impressed. This may be one of the greatest Wheel of Fortune puzzle solves in the history of the game! One contestant named Rufus had a “grand slam solve” on Tuesday night’s game […]


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News Blooper: LA Anchor Does Not Know What A ‘Sphincter’ Is

This morning, our own Brandon the Producer was watching the ABC 7 Morning News when his eagle ears caught a hilarious blooper in the early morning hours. ABC 7 Morning News anchor Leslie Sykes had […]


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The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore Goes Crazy Over ‘Thundersnow’

Now here’s a guy who loves his job…even when it sends him out to face freezing cold conditions. Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore hit the jackpot over the weekend when his camera crew captured a […]


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Nice Guy Keanu Reeves Gives Up His Seat On Crowded NYC Subway

Keanu Reeves, world famous movie star, is also a true gentleman at heart. While riding the NYC Subway (like a regular person!), Reeves proved what a classy guy he is by giving up his seat […]


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GoPro Video Captures Two Owls Having A Dance-Off

When the people are away, the owls will play. A GoPro video capturing two owls busting a move has gone viral with over 2 million views and counting. According to GoPro‘s video description, “Wildlife photographer […]


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Watch: Cockatoo Mimics Couple’s Fights

Note to Cockatoo owners, these witty birds pick up on everything…and we mean everything, including full-blown arguments. In a viral video, a Cockatoo named Peaches sits on her perch and re-enacts an argument she picked […]


Tom Hanks: The huge success of 'Toy Story 3' earned Hanks $35 million

Watch: Tom Hanks Is Reunited With Wilson The Volleyball

It’s been 15 years since Tom Hanks starred in the hit film Cast Away, where he had to fight to survive after his plane crashed on a deserted island. While it was mostly just him […]