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Watch What Happens When Kids Today Try To Use A Walkman For The First Time

“You need headphones just to listen to music?!”


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‘The Simpsons’ Pay Tribute To David Letterman

After David Letterman announced his retirement from The Late Show last week, many fans were disappointed to hear the longtime late night host will no longer be on their TV sets. Dozens have paid tribute […]


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Security Camera Catches The Beginnings Of A Really Bad Day!

Sometimes a video needs no introduction! So here you go….
What can possibly go wrong?
Wait for it!!

K-EARTH 101–04/04/2014

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Skydiver Has A Close Encounter With A Meteorite!

Wow! What are the chances of this happening? This is the first time that a meteorite has been filmed in the air after its light goes out!
Check out the video!

K-EARTH 101–04/04/2014

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Must See! How A Guy and Girl Drives!

The common myth of how guys and girls drive are often disputed.  But believe us, after you watch this video, we know you’ll be convinced on the obvious differences! Is this accurate? Check out the video!

K-EARTH 101–04/03/2014

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Watch A Lamborghini Aventador Get Wrecked In A Split Second!

Watch what happens when a speeding Lamborghini Aventador gets airborne in a crash! This happened in a fancy neighborhood in London! The car is valued at about $400,000! Yikes! Check out the video!

K-EARTH 101–04/02/2014

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See What An 8.2 Earthquake In Chile Looks Like On Video!

We’ve all seen the footage of the 5.1 earthquake that hit La Habra on Friday night.  That was a pretty frightening experience! Now look at the footage from last night’s 8.2 earthquake that struck off […]

K-EARTH 101–04/02/2014

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Extreme Road Rage Caught On Video Results In Instant Karma

An extreme case of road rage resulted in instantaneous karma for a man aggressively tailgating another driver – and it was all caught on video. A woman in Tampa Fla. pulled out her phone to […]


Behold, the Waffle Taco photo by KEARTH

Real Ronald McDonalds Taste-Test The New Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

To ramp up its new line of breakfast items, Taco Bell has enlisted real people “with a VERY specific name” to try out their new menu items for a commercial. Taco Bell rolled out a […]


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Elvis, John Lennon & Marilyn Monroe Are All Living On A Remote Island

According to this beer commercial, that is.