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Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Watch The Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL 2015

Ever wonder what the players and coaches are saying on the sidelines of the game? Well, wonder no more. The folks behind Bad Lip Reading have returned with “more of what COULD have been said” […]


Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images

Watch: Monkey Cheers Up Sad Monkey Friend In Timeout

Even monkeys need a shoulder to lean on when they’re down. The Zoological Wildlife Foundation posted this adorable video on Instagram of a Capuchin monkey named Toby lending a helping paw to his sad friend […]



Woman Throws Temper Tantrum After Missing Her Ferry Ride

We’d expect this kind of behavior from a five-year-old, but a grown woman? A spectator caught one woman’s “Ferry freak out” after she arrived late and wasn’t permitted to board the ferry even though it […]


Photo credit: ULI DECK/AFP/Getty Images

Video Of A Supermarket’s Dancing Cow Mascot Goes Viral

Here’s someone who reeeeeeally loves their job! A video of a dancing cow mascot getting down in a Supermarket has gone viral for the dancer’s incredible dedication and mesmerizing dance moves. Buzzfeed notes the cow […]


(Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Watch: ‘Price Is Right’ Announcer Falls Off A Treadmill!

Count this as Treadmill: 1; TV announcer: 0. During Thursday’s episode of The Price is Right, announcer George Gray suffered an embarrassing fall on camera when he “tried to get fancy and walk backwards on […]


Photo credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Dog Takes Herself To The Park Via The City Bus

When this dog wants to go to the park, she will transport herself, thank you very much. Introducing, Eclipse, the world’s most self-sufficient dog who rides the city bus all by herself to the dog […]


Photo credit: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images

Elephant Crushes Tourist’s Car In Mating Rampage

A wild elephant in Thailand went on a rampage at a national park, crushing a tourist’s car in the process. According to the BBC, the elephant was caught on video by visitors to the Khao […]


(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for the American Kennel Club)

Adorable Puppy Tries To Reclaim His Bed From Unimpressed Cat

Clearly, we all know who runs this house.


Photo by David McNew/Newsmakers

Is This A UFO Sighting Over Southern California?

Could this be a UFO captured on video? In a video posted on YouTube Monday by user Ken Roberts, a strange white streak that looks like a meteorite is seen hurtling through the sky. However, […]


Photo credit: MOHD RASFAN/AFP/Getty Images

Shocking Video Of Baby Playing With Snake Goes Viral

Most people’s first reaction to seeing a snake crawling across their living room floor is not exactly a pleasant one. But in one viral video that’s raising some eyebrows, one father not only has his […]




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