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Baby Girl’s Reaction To Seeing Clearly For The First Time With Glasses Goes Viral

It’s another Tell Me Something Good Tuesday here on The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show where we take your calls about good news in your life to lift each other up! In honor of Tell Me […]



Dramatic Cellphone Video Captures Vehicle Driving In Reverse Down Busy Laurel Canyon Boulevard

MID-CITY ( — A driver has been caught on camera veering through one of the city’s busiest roads for miles in reverse, and the Los Angeles Police Department says it’s investigating. The driver started on […]


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Bryan Cranston Burns Fan With A ‘Your Mom’ Joke At Comic Con

Hear that? That’s the sound of a mic drop after Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston epically burned a fan with a perfectly timed ‘your mom’ joke at San Diego Comic Con last Thursday. While appearing […]


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Watch: Terrifying Moment Bungee Cable On Amusement Park Ride Snaps Just Before Launching

One family got the scare of a lifetime when a cable attached to an amusement park ride suddenly snapped just before taking off – and the terrifying moment was all captured on video. Two riders […]


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DJs Are Pranking Dance Crowds Using Spandau Ballet’s Hit “True”

So what does the band think of their hit being used to dupe dance crowds? Find out here!


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Fan Breaks ‘Seinfeld’ Apartment Set Trying To Make An Entrance Like Kramer

Last week, we told you about the replica set of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment popping up in New York City in celebration of the classic sitcom now streaming on Hulu. One of the main draws the […]


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Dad Makes a One-Handed Foul Ball Catch While Holding Baby

One dad scored the replay highlight of Tuesday’s game between the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers at Wrigley Field. A father made a single, bare-handed foul ball catch, all while holding his baby son […]


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Watch A House Cat Scare A Black Bear Right Off The Porch

Whoever came up with the term ‘scaredy-cat’ for our feline pets was way off. This ordinary house cat became a hero after scaring an Alaskan black bear 10 times her size right off the back […]


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Watch This 3-Year-Old Girl Recreate Shia LeBeouf’s Intense Motivational Speech

When actor/performance artist Shia LeBeouf screams at you on screen to “Just do it!” you may feel slightly intimidated, but when an adorable 3-year-old girl tells you to “make your dreams come true,” we’re left […]


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Watch Pentatonix Sing The ‘Evolution Of Michael Jackson’

Vocal group Pentatonix are no strangers to wowing fans with their a Capella arrangements of an artist’s entire catalog – in the past they’ve covered Beyonce and even a comprehensive evolution of music genres by […]