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Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise Sued For $1 Billion By Screenwriter

Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible franchise is a huge hit, and the fourth installment of the franchise Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol grossed more than $600,000 upon its release in 2011 making in Cruise’s highest grossing film […]


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Tom Cruise Explains Why He Didn’t See Suri In Leaked Deposition Papers

This morning, newly released documents obtained by Radar online show what Tom Cruise said in a video deposition given two months ago in his lawsuit against Bauer Publishing. Cruise recently filed a $50 million lawsuit […]


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Tom Cruise Reportedly Looking For A New Girlfriend

Well, usually Tom Cruise stars in a Mission Impossible movie, but now he has a new mission. His new mission, if he chooses to accept it, is to find a new girlfriend. According to reports, […]


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Cher Calls Tom Cruise One Of Her Top Five Greatest Lovers

Cher appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live! with host Andy Cohen last week and dished on some juicy details about her past lovers – namely her former flame, Tom Cruise. In a segment called […]


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Tom Cruise Wants To Travel Into Space

Tom Cruise has admitted out loud that he believes in aliens and wants to travel into space on one of Virgin Galactic’s space flights. Tom, who stars in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Oblivion, told the […]


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‘Top Gun’ In IMAX 3D Coming This February

“Tower, this is Ghost rider requesting a flyby.” “That’s a negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full.” The highest-grossing film of 1986 is back to please theater-goers one more time. But for this run, action […]


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Prowler Tasered, Arrested For Trespassing At Tom Cruise’s Home

A suspected prowler was tasered and then later arrested after he was found trespassing at Tom Cruise’s home.



5 Timely Couples Costumes For Halloween 2012

If we see one more Raggedy Ann and Andy…


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Wildest Claims From Tom Cruise’s Alleged Wife-Auditions

A new Vanity Fair article claims that Scientology put women through top-secret “auditions” in order to date Tom Cruise. Read one of those women’s wild claims made about what she was put through in order to date the actor.


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TMZ’s Harvey Levin Dishes On The TomKat Divorce & Charlie Sheen On ‘American Idol’

TMZ’s Harvey Levin fills us in about the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce and tells us whether or not Charlie Sheen might be joining American Idol!