Tight Strings Tuesday

Five Common Money ‘Saving’ Techniques That’s Costing You More

In our effort to cut costs and find the best deal on consumer products in a time of sky-high gas prices and increased cost of living, certain common ‘saving’ methods prove to be harming more […]


Five Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Worth More From The Heart Than The Wallet

Mother’s Day is just days away, and while it’s important to show the special woman in your life just how much she means to you, it’s hard to find the perfect gift that says “I […]


Five Ingenious Ways Vodka Can Save You Money Around The House (Not By Drinking!)

Sure vodka is great in cocktails and a perfect nightcap on a stressful day at work, but did you know it can clean you clothes or strip that hard to clean mold on the bathroom […]


Got A Refund From Uncle Sam? Spend It Wisely With These Five Money-Saver Items!

Tax day has come and gone, and if you were lucky this year, all that stress from scurrying to finish last-minute filing hopefully paid off in the form of a nice, big refund check from […]


Five Ways To Keep Gas Costs From Guzzling Up Your Money Without Giving Up Driving

  Chances are if you’re living in Southern California you own a car and you drive…a lot…and you don’t have the option not to drive to locations around the city.   While driving to and […]


How Ditching The Dollar Bill Could Save On Excessive Spending

Lately there has been talks to cutting the dollar bill from circulation in order to save money on printing costs, and though getting rid of the ‘buck’ seems senseless (how will we leave tips, or […]


Five Savvy Ways To Beat The Pump When Filling Up

Here at the K-EARTH 101, we’re helping you ease the effects of skyrocketing gas prices with Beat The Pump each morning with Gary Bryan, but there are even more ways to save even if you […]


Bundle Up Your Savings With Hot Deals From Local Offers

 Why pay an exuberant amount of money to dine out or have fun on a night out on the town when you can have the same experience at up to half the cost?! With the […]


Get Your Free Shortstack From IHOP For National Pancake Day!

In honor of National Pancake Day, IHOP is giving away FREE shortstacks of their famously delicious, syrupy, buttermilk pancakes. Mmm…our mouths are watering just at the thought of them. Find your nearest IHOP and take […]


Pay Less to the IRS With These Overlooked Tax Deductions

Tax season is here, and before you sit down to prepare your 2010 tax return, note these commonly overlooked tax deductions you could be claiming in order to pay less to the IRS!