Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins

Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday: Listeners Share Their Best Year Of The 80s

Ah the 80s – the big hair, the wild (and often questionable) fashion trends, the music, the movies – what’s not to love about the decade? Now, we’re giving you a chance to relive all […]


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See What ‘Sixth Sense’ Star Haley Joel Osment Looks Like Now

The former child star looks unrecognizable in his new film role.


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Throwback Thursday: Find The #1 Song On The First Day You Started High School

Find what the #1 song was on the first day you started high school!


Gary Bryan and Julio Iglesias

Throwback Thursday: Who Was The First Celebrity You Ever Met?

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably had many opportunities to rub elbows with or spot celebrities around the city. In honor of Throwback Thursday today, we’re taking a look back at those first […]


Photo Credit: K-EARTH 101

Throwback Thursday: Check Out This Totally ’80s K-EARTH 101 Commercial

Watch this classic K-EARTH 101 commercial from 1988!



Throwback Thursday: Gary & Lisa Throw Back To The ’70s

Today, we throw it back to the ’70s!


Gary and Lisa

Throwback Thursday: Gary & Lisa Celebrate 12th Anniversary On K-EARTH

It’s a special edition of Throwback Thursday today because Gary Bryan and Lisa Stanley are celebrating their 12-year anniversary on K-EARTH 101 every morning! So this week, we’re throwing it back to the year 2002 […]



Throwback Thursday: Gary & Lisa Salute The Year 1990

We’re throwing it back to the 1990!


Gary Bryan and Michael Bolton in 1989

Throwback Thursday: Gary & Lisa Salute The Year 1989

Happy Throwback Thursday! This morning, Gary and Lisa are saluting the year 1989 by remembering the biggest songs and events that occurred that year. So what all happened in the year 1989? Let’s refresh your […]



Throwback Thursday: Gary & Lisa Share Baby Pics

It’s another Throwback Thursday! Today we’re doing something a little different. Instead of saluting a specific year, we’re remembering the music that takes us back to a specific point in time and brings up a […]