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Study: Ancient ‘Power Pose’ Posture Trend Helps Modern Americans With Confidence, Stress

STUDIO CITY ( — It is fitting that Los Angeles, with its yoga and health-conscious culture, would be the center of a new phenomenon centered around specific postures experts say may majorly influence confidence, stress […]


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Quick & Easy Tips to Melt Stress Away

We all feel daily pressures in our lives from work, money, health, relationships or responsibilities. Sometimes these pressures create enough stress to cause physical or emotional issues if it’s not dealt with properly. Thankfully there […]


Los Angeles #2 On List of Most-Stressed Cities in US

Tired of being stuck in traffic? Sick of pounding the virtual pavement for a new job? Stressed out about your…everything? Unfortunately, you are not alone. According to a study, Los Angeles is the second […]


Eliminate Anxiety With These 10 Healthy Ways to Beat Stress

Summer is ending, the kids are going back-to-school and the daily grind becomes more realistic; seasonal and lifestyle changes can increase anxiety and tension. Before you reach for that pack of cigarettes and after-work cocktail, […]