Springsteen & I

A memorable scene from 'Springsteen & I': Elvis impersonator Nick Ferraro onstage with The Boss. (photo courtesy of the film)

‘Springsteen & I’ Director: ‘This Film Doesn’t Build Bruce To Be A God’

‘Springsteen & I’ focuses on Bruce fans and their devotion to the man, four decades into his career. It’s a documentary about Bruce, in which his songs and fans do the talking, so Springsteen himself only appears in live concert footage. In fact, director Baillie Walsh didn’t shoot a minute of footage or record any voiceovers. The entire movie is comprised almost entirely of fan testimonials, shot by the fans themselves and submitted for inclusion.


Cesar Manso/Getty Images

‘Springsteen & I’: The Ultimate Love Letter From Fans

Springsteen & I has been billed as a documentary about Bruce Springsteen‘s fans. It is that, though as documentaries go, it’s unconventional. The film is made almost entirely of clips shot by fans who submitted […]