Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: "The Promise" by When In Rome


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Could You Go 24 Hours Without Using Social Media?

We live in a social media-obsessed world that’s always connected through our phones, our computers and now even our watches, so much so that some people have developed serious addictions that are hard to break. […]


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Morning Show Poll: Have You Ever Taken A Selfie With A Celebrity?

After a young fan’s incredible selfie with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett just hanging out on a bench went viral Monday, we’re asking listeners – have you ever taken a selfie with a celebrity before?! […]


Former Beatles member Paul McCartney performs on stage during the 56th Grammy Awards (Photo credit FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Kid Takes Selfie Of All Selfies With Paul McCartney & Warren Buffett

If there were a Selfie of the Year Award, we have a good feeling this kid would win it.


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See Orlando Bloom’s Selfie He Took With Lisa Stanley’s Phone

K-EARTH 101’s own Lisa Stanley was right in the middle of all the Golden Globe action at the Beverly Hilton Sunday night hanging out with the who’s who of Hollywood. Wearing a deep purple gown […]


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‘Selfie’ Is The Word Of The Year

Celebs do it; Politicians dabble in it; and teens are pros at it – these days you can’t go anywhere online without seeing someone posting a ‘selfie.’ In the day and age of social media, […]


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Morning Show Poll: Who Has The Better Selfie – Lisa Stanley Or Geraldo Rivera?

Well, things got weird on Twitter over the weekend when Geraldo Rivera showed off more than the world bargained for in a revealing shirtless selfie he posted on his page. Geraldo, appearing fully nude and […]