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Jason Beghe

Actor Jason Beghe Talks ‘Chicago Fire’ & Exposing Scientology

Actor Jason Beghe joined us in studio to talk about his new show ‘Chicago Fire’ and his experience as a former member of Scientology.


Katie Holmes Suing Star Magazine In $50 Million Lawsuit

Two weeks ago, the gossip mag ran a story with Katie Holmes on the cover and claimed the star was addicted to drugs. Well, we knew one day this would happen…Katie has filed a suit […]


Entertainment Report: The FBI Investigates Tom Cruise And The Church of Scientology

According to The New York Post, the FBI is investigating allegations against Tom Cruise having work done on his motorcycle and property by Scientology church members who were paid little, if anything, for their efforts. […]


Tabloid Thursday: Katie Holmes’ Drug Shocker

Star Magazine has a very somber looking Katie Holmes on the cover with the headline, “Addiction Nightmare Katie’s Drug Shocker.” But the headline as usual is totally misleading. The story inside is actually about how […]