Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" The Police

President Barack Obama

The New Obama Navy Seal Doll!

Connecticut company Herobuilders, has released what it calls the “Rambama Action Figure.” President Barack Obama is dressed up like a member of the Navy SEALs Team 6, which conducted the raid on bin Laden’s Pakistan […]


Barack Obama Cracks Jokes About Donald Trump At White House Correspondence Dinner

Just one day after the president gave the go ahead for the Osama bin Laden operation, the president put on his tux and his best poker face for the annual White House Correspondence Dinner. The […]


Keep The Obama L.A. Tour Schedule Handy To Avoid A Traffic Nightmare

Barack Obama is making his way to the Southland today for fundraisers and a tour of L.A., but as his sixth visit to L.A. since he began his reign in office is drawing much fanfare, […]


Video: Vice President Joe Biden Sleeps During Obama Speech

Vice President Biden seemed to catch up on some sleep during President Obama’s budget speech yesterday. Or was he just trying to make up his mind on whether or not to vote for “Team Gary” […]


Video: President Obama Gets Locked Out Of The White House!

(From CBS NEWS) – A funny thing happened at the White House Wednesday evening when President Obama had trouble getting into his own office. After a five day visit to South America, Obama made a […]


Entertainment Report: Larry King Hangs Up His Suspenders

After 25 years, Larry King ended his landmark CNN talk show Thursday night with a star-studded goodbye. Dozens of celebrities and high-profile figures appeared on the program to give their touching goodbyes and well-wishes, including […]


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Air Force One Lands At LAX!

President Obama just landed at LAX and we’ve got the exclusive video!! Check it out!!!


VIDEO: See Gary and Lisa On CBS 2!

Today’s topic on CBS 2 this morning was about the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Nominations! Plus we also talk about what’s on President Obama’s i-Pod!!! Take a look!


Michelle Obama Dishes About Her Favorite Treats

There was a charming girl-next-door with a bright smile who felt vitality through veggies (except beets!) and working-out while the sunrises, but still loved indulging in pie and the occasional hard-nosed politics. This girl is […]


Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

President Barack Obama is celebrating his 49th birthday today, not with some grand party at the White House surrounded by his wife and children, but instead raising money for Democrats. At least we know even […]





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