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WATCH: C-SPAN Prank Called By “Fresh Prince” Fan

By Sarah Carroll What is it about prank phone calls that turn us into 12-year-old boys?! They’re never NOT funny, no matter how stupid the premise is. During a segment on the Iran nuclear negotiations on […]


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Man Uses A Fake Oscar To Prank Hollywood Into Thinking He’s A Celebrity

Have you ever wondered what it’s like getting A-list treatment like the biggest Hollywood stars? One man decided to do as the actors do and pretend his way into getting VIP perks on Oscar night, […]


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Haunted LA Photobooth Prank Terrifies Unsuspecting Victims

Jeepers creepers, get a load of them peepers! A haunted photobooth prank set up at downtown Los Angeles hang out spot Ham & Eggs Tavern is going viral for scaring the living daylights of unsuspecting […]


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Freaky Eye-Popping Ouija Board Prank Terrifies Unsuspecting Customers

Just in time for Halloween, a new viral hidden camera prank has people jumping out of their skins. Watch as a fake psychic named Yolanda, who has the ability to pop her eyes out on […]


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Sofia Vergara Gets Pranked By Her Fellow Castmates

As Lisa Stanley just reported, actress Sofia Vergara was the victim of a prank pulled by her fellow “Modern Family” cast members.
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K-EARTH 101–01/24/2014

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The Ultimate ‘Living Christmas Tree’ Prank

What happens when someone dresses up as a Christmas tree and scares the living bejeezus out of unsuspecting bystanders? Internet gold. One student at a Texas high school did just that to faculty members and […]



Freaky ‘Telekinetic’ Coffee Shop Prank Terrifies Customers

How would you react if you came face to face with someone in real life with telekinetic powers like ‘Carrie’? Watch and find out what happens in this terrifying prank!


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LG’s ‘End Of The World’ Prank Video Goes Viral

How ultra-realistic are the new LG high-definition TVs? So realistic that the company fooled unsuspecting victims into thinking it was the end of the world. A new ‘prankvertisement’ video for LG Electronics in Chile has gone […]


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YouTube Fools Users With Elaborate April Fool’s Prank

YouTube users were in for a surprise this morning when the site announced that it was going dark for ten years to sift through millions of video entries to declare a winner. But if you […]


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A Disguised Jeff Gordon Takes Car Salesman On Wild Test Ride

Race Car champ Jeff Gordon takes an unsuspecting car salesman on a wild test ride of his life.