US singer Donna Summer performs on stage

Poll: Are You A Rock Person Or A Disco Person?

Are you a Rock or a Disco person? Take our Morning Show Poll!


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L.A. is The Second Most Hated City In The United States

There are many reasons why people move to L.A.  Fame, fortune, and of course the weather, just to name a few.  And although there are many who make the transition to L.A., according to a […]


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Poll: What Are You Watching On TV?

Last Thursday’s TV ratings of popular network sitcoms showed season-low viewership leaving many to wonder, where did the TV audience go? Once top-dog comedy 30 Rock saw its lowest rating with only 2.79 million and […]


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Poll: Dakota Fanning Perfume Ad Banned In The UK — Is It Too Provocative?

A Marc Jacobs fragrance ad featuring 17-year-old child starlet Dakota Fanning was banned in Britain after complaints of the risqué ad being too “sexually provocative” for young teens. The ad for “Oh, Lola!” perfume has […]


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Poll: Does Simon Cowell’s X Factor Have The ‘It Factor’ To Beat Out American Idol?

The grand premiere of ex-American Idol judge Simon Cowell’s U.S. version of his popular British talent competition show The X Factor finally hit TV sets around the country, but only pulled in about half the […]


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Poll: X-Factor Bringing Back Pepsi vs. Coke Rivalry — Which Do You Like Better?

Not only is Simon Cowell’s new singing competition show X-Factor going head to head with his former stomping ground of American Idol with its U.S. premiere debuting tonight, but the show is rekindling the old […]



Poll: Should Restaurants Impose A Dining Time Limit?

Everyone’s had an experience waiting for what seems like an eternity for a table to open at a restaurant while you’re sitting in hunger, but nobody gets up to leave. In a new survey, annoyed diners […]


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Poll: What’s Your Favorite Brain-Freeze Inducing Slurpee Flavor?

In celebration of Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven stores nationwide, we want to know what your favorite flavor of the frosty treat is! Do you stick with the classic Coco-Cola or are you adventurous and […]


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Poll: Proposed State Law Against Distributing Violent Video Games To Minors Deemed Unconstitutional – Agree Or Disagree?

To the chagrin of many concerned parents in California, a proposed ban that prevents graphic video games from being sold or rented to minors was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in a ruling early […]


Prepare To Weep With Tuesday’s ‘Funeral’ On Glee

Waiting for Tuesday’s Glee episode will be remarkably hard for me, as I’ve already gone through half a dozen tissues while tearing up over the premise of next week’s “Funeral” episode. Rumors abound, but the […]