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Will You Still Shop On Amazon With CA Sales Tax In Effect?

After this weekend, CA customers will no longer have the benefit of making tax-free purchase from the online retailer Amazon.com. Will you still shop after the CA sales tax kicks in?


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What Are The Top Car Games You Played On Summer Road Trips?

What were the top games you played in the car when you were a kid?



Poll: Who Invented The High Heel — A Man Or Woman?

Do you think it was a man or a woman who first invented the high heel?


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Poll: Was Manny Pacquiao Vs. Timothy Bradley Fight Fixed?

After Pacquiao’s shocking loss on Saturday, many are wondering ‘was the fight fixed?’ Tell us what you think!


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Elvis Is Alive… In Hologram Form

The hologram trend started with a deceased rap star and now it’s getting a visit from The King. Digital Domain Media Group, who created a shockingly realistic Tupac Shakur hologram for a Coachella “performance” back […]


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How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

How did you and your significant other first meet? Tell us your “how we first met” story!


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Poll: Did You Go To High School With Someone Famous?

Listeners describe what their now famous classmates were like in high school before they became a star!


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Poll: What’s The Best Era Of The Bee Gees?

Which era of the Bee Gees’ music is your favorite? ’60s, ’70s or disco?!


US singer Donna Summer performs on stage

Poll: Are You A Rock Person Or A Disco Person?

Are you a Rock or a Disco person? Take our Morning Show Poll!


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L.A. is The Second Most Hated City In The United States

There are many reasons why people move to L.A.  Fame, fortune, and of course the weather, just to name a few.  And although there are many who make the transition to L.A., according to a […]





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