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Piers Morgan

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Chelsea Handler Calls Out Piers Morgan Live On Air

Who doesn’t love a good celebrity feud? During a recent interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, late night host/comedian Chelsea Handler slammed Morgan for his poor interview skills. Apparently during a commercial break, Morgan ignored Handler […]


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CNN Cancels ‘Piers Morgan Live’

There’s a big shakeup happening at CNN. After three years of taking over the 9 p.m. primetime slot once held by longtime host Larry King fro 25 years, the network confirms Piers Morgan Live is […]


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Katie Couric To Replace Piers Morgan On CNN?

There’s a big shake up happening at CNN. Rumors began yesterday that CNN going to replace host Piers Morgan with daytime talk show host Katie Couric. According to sources, CNN president Jeff Zucker is actively […]


Piers Morgan’s Angry Tweets About Flight Scores Him Private Plane Courtesy Of Delta

Larry King’s late night successor on CNN, Piers Morgan was taking a Delta flight from New York to Minneapolis where he was due on the set of America’s Got Talent, but mid flight the plane […]


Tabloid Thursday: Brad Pitt Is Caught In A ‘Mile High’ Cheating Scandal

Did Brad Pitt go behind Angelina’s back and cheat with a flight attendant in mid-air?! All this and more juicy celebrity gossip on this Tabloid Thursday!


New Larry King Replacement Found?

Denouncing his two decade throne as CNN’s prominent suspendered nightly newscaster, Larry King is moving on to a more traditional life spending more time with his family.  But where does that leave his program? There are celebrities […]