Paris Jackson

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Paris Jackson Recovering After Suicide Attempt

Michael Jackson’s only daughter, 15-year-old Paris, was rushed to the hospital yesterday after cutting her wrists with a kitchen knife and downing Motrin pain pills in an attempt to end her own life, CBS LA […]


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Judge Finalizes Co-Guardianship For Michael Jackson’s Children

A judge on Wednesday (August 22) finalized a co-guardianship agreement for the late Michael Jackson’s three children, with the singer’s mother Katherine and nephew TJ sharing the responsibilities.


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Gladys Knight Makes Shocking Statement About Paris Jackson

Listen to what Gladys Knight said on ‘The Talk’ about the Jackson family drama!


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Officials Investigate Fight At Katherine Jackson’s Home

Officials Tuesday were investigating an alleged fight outside of Michael Jackson’s mother’s home after family members got into a fight.


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Michael Jackson’s Will Called “Fake, Flawed and Fraudulent” By Siblings

It has been just over three years since Michael Jackson passed away, but the King of Pop’s death is still making waves in the media.


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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Shares Favorite Memories Of Dad With Oprah

Paris Jackson talks about what it was like growing up with the King of Pop with Oprah.


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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Explains Why They Wore Masks

Paris Jackson explains why her dad Michael Jackson had them wear masks in public.


Michael Jackson’s Kids Struggling Socially At School

Since [lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]’s death, his children Prince, Paris and Bucket have had to deal with so much. This fall, Prince (13 years old) and Paris (12) are getting their first taste of schooling outside the […]