Oksana Grigorieva

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Mel Gibson Explodes In Another Crazy Rant

There is yet another explosive, expletive-filled rant from Mel Gibson in which he goes off on Jewish people, his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas. Eszterhas was writing a screenplay for Mel’s next film […]


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Mel Gibson’s Ex Demands Settlement For Traumatizing Son

Mel Gibson’s ex, Oksana Grigorieva is demanding Gibson pay her $500,000 for her 14-year-old son, claiming Mel traumatized him during his violent outburst. On Friday Mel and Oksana met with a judge and a mediator […]


Mel Gibson’s Ex Oksana Grigorieva Drops Domestic Abuse Claim

In a shocking twist to the ongoing domestic abuse lawsuit,  Mel Gibson’s ex, Oksana Grigorieva, dropped the domestic violence claim against Gibson. [photogallerylink id=36594 align=left] The battered baby mama made a surprise peace-offering to Mel […]


Mel Gibson Opens Up About ‘Terribly Awful Moment’ With Oksana Grigorieva

In his first interview since those infamous tapes leaked online, Mel Gibson finally opened up about those angry messages he left on Oksana Grigorieva’s voice mail. Gibson admits that it was a horrible situation and […]


Mel Gibson Escapes Jail Time With ‘No Contest’ Plea Deal For Domestic Abuse Charges

On Friday afternoon, Mel Gibson was in the courtroom and plead ‘no contest’ to a misdemeanor charge of spousal battery stemming from his domestic abuse charge from last year with Oksana Grigorieva. While he received […]


KCAL9’s Sharon Tay Shares Breaking News About Mel Gibson With Gary & Lisa

Sharon Tay joined Gary and Lisa this morning to share breaking entertainment news that puts a whole new twist on the situation between Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Oksana’s former body-guard, Chris Herzog […]


Entertainment Report: Mysterious White Powder Sent to Bristol Palin

  She’s weathered many attacks from viewers after surviving elimination rounds, and on late Friday, fan mail arrived on the set of Dancing With The Stars with a mysterious white powder in it, which was intended for […]


Tabloid Thursday: Oksana Grigorieva Opens Up For the First Time on Larry King

  For the first time since the angry tapes between Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, the Russian opens up to Larry King about her serious domestic abuse allegations towards Mel. She decided to speak out against […]


Entertainment Report: Mel Gibson’s Baby Mama Oksana Grigorieva Getting Ready To Sue

After the embarrassing and derogatory attacks Mel Gibson made towards ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in the past months, he now faces the inevitable: a hefty lawsuit. How much will it cost the actor? Find out and hear […]


Lindsay Lohan Out Of Jail And Into Rehab!!

Early this morning at 1:30,  Lindsay Lohan was released from jail. After 14 long days behind bars the “Mean Girl”  served less than a quarter of her ninety day sentence that ordered.