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K-EARTH Listeners Share Crazy Stories About Picking Up Hitchhikers

Including one who was picked up by Charles Manson in Santa Monica!


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Morning Show Poll: Whose Earthquake Reaction Is Better — Chris Schauble Or Kent Shocknek?

This morning, SoCal experience what has been dubbed the ‘Shamrock Shake’ after a 4.4-magnitude earthquake struck near Westwood. After the initial shock and scare of the quake, many are now laughing at the now-viral video […]


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Artists Who Sound Like Other Artists

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and thought it was sung by a big group only to find out later that it was by someone entirely different? We’ve all made that mistake […]


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Morning Show Poll: Do You Use An Alarm Clock To Wake Up?

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who use an alarm clock to wake up and those who don’t. Our own Lisa Stanley is one of the lucky ones who doesn’t need […]


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Morning Show Poll: Should We Get Rid Of Daylight Saving Time?

Over the weekend, the country “sprung forward” by turning our clocks ahead one hour and losing one hour of sleep for Daylight Saving Time, and boy are we feeling the effects already this morning. While […]


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Morning Show Poll: What Can You Learn About Someone In The Supermarket Checkout Line

All this morning, we’ve been taking listener calls about a topic most customers are guilty of doing while standing in the checkout line at the supermarket – snooping on what the person in front of […]


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Morning Show Poll: Vote Who You Think Will Win The Oscar In The Top Categories

Make your Oscar predictions in our Morning Show Poll here!


Behold, the Waffle Taco photo by KEARTH

The Morning Show Fast Food Breakfast Battle!

This morning we are talking about the new “Waffle Taco” being rolled out next month to Taco Bells all across the country.  And this got us to think…. Who has the best fast food breakfast? […]

K-EARTH 101–02/25/2014

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Morning Show Poll: How Was Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Debut?

Do you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down?


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Morning Show Poll: What’s The Greatest Breakup Song?

Throughout music history, love has inspired some of the greatest songs of all time (see the greatest love songs according to K-EARTH 101 listeners here), but alternatively, there’s something about having your heart broken that […]





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