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Morning Show Poll: Have You Ever Been Stuck On A Roller Coaster?

Have you ever been stuck on an amusement park ride? Share your stories!


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Morning Show Poll: Do You Name Your Car?

Do you have a name for your car? According to a new survey done by car insurance company Nationwide, you’re not alone if you do. Just this past Oct. 2 was “National Name Your Car […]


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Poll: Is Miley Cyrus Sexy? K-EARTH 101 Listeners Weigh In

In recent months, pop star Miley Cyrus has gone to extreme lengths to shed her Disney image from her Hannah Montana days with outrageous on-stage antics and sexually-charged behavior. Her MTV VMA performance seemed to […]


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Poll: Have You Ever Worked In Fast Food?

Did you ever work at a fast food restaurant? We want to hear from you!


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Poll: Is This Public Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong Real Or Fake?

Watch this viral marriage proposal gone wrong and tell us if you think it’s real or staged!


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Poll: Priest Or An Angel? Mystery Priest Shows Up At Accident Site Then Disappears

A miraculous story out of Missouri is having some reaffirming their beliefs in the Heavens. After a disastrous crash on a Missouri highway that resulted in a 19-year-old girl getting trapped in her car, emergency […]



Real Or Fake: Did Hikers Capture Footage Of Bigfoot?

Is this new footage of Bigfoot? Watch the video and decide!


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Morning Show Poll: What’s Michael Jackson’s Best Music Video?

What do you think is Michael Jackson’s all-time best music video? Vote here!


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Poll: Is The ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ Winner Really All That Ugly?

We think the winner of the 2013 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is actually pretty cute. What do you think?!


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Poll: Who Should Be The Voice Of Grumpy Cat – The Movie?

Grumpy Cat is going Hollywood! Who do you think should be the voice of Grumpy Cat in the movie?