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Mighty John Marshall

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Mighty John Marshall Counts Down The Top Ten Rolling Stones Vinyl Collectibles

Whenever we want to find out how much a vinyl record is worth, we turn to expert music collector Mighty John Marshall of This morning, Mighty John took calls from listeners wanting to know […]


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How Much Is That Record Worth? Mighty John Marshall Appraises K-EARTH Listeners’ Vinyl Albums

This morning, expert vinyl record collector and appraiser, Mighty John Marshall, joined The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show to talk vinyl collectibles and take listener calls. Our phone lines were blowing up this morning with listeners […]


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Mighty John’s Top Ten Halloween Vinyl Collectibles

Expert vinyl record appraiser Mighty John Marshall of called in this morning to countdown his top ten most valuable Halloween vinyl collectibles! Don’t get tricked if you’re selling your vinyl, there could be a […]


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Mighty John’s Top 10 Most Valuable Hair Band Vinyl Records

Did you spend your youth teasing up your hair to the sky and rocking out to the hair bands and glam rockers of the day? Even though you may have retired those cut-off tees and […]


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The Top 10 Most Valuable Beatles’ Vinyl Records [Updated]

Check out the top 10 most valuable Beatles records to date!


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Mighty John’s Top 10 One Hit Wonder Day Vinyl Collectibles

Check out the top 10 most valuable one hit wonder vinyl collectibles!


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Top 10 Most Valuable Beatles Vinyl Records In 2013

Take another look at your record collection, you might just have a Beatles album worth thousands! Check out the top 10 most valuable Beatles records of 2013.


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Mighty John’s Most Valuable Vinyl Records Of The ’80s

Don’t throw out that old ‘Xanadu’ record, it could be worth thousands!! Check out the most valuable vinyl records of the ’80s!


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Top Ten Most Valuable Rolling Stones Vinyl Collectibles

The Record Guy Mighty John Marshall counts down the top 10 most valuable Rolling Stones vinyl collectibles worth up to thousands!


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Mighty John’s Valentine’s Day Special – Vinyl Collectibles With “Love” In The Title

Vinyl expert Mighty John Marshall joined us for a Valentine’s Day special with the Top Ten Vinyl Collectibles that all mention “Love”! See if you have any on the list!