Mia Farrow

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Frank Sinatra’s Widow Calls Mia Farrow’s Paternity Claims “A Bunch Of Junk”

Yesterday, we told you that actress Mia Farrow alluded to Vanity Fair that her son Ronan was “possibly” fathered by Frank Sinatra, not Woody Allen as once thought. Following Farrow’s claims, Sinatra’s widow Barbara spoke […]


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Mia Farrow Reveals Son’s Father Might Be Frank Sinatra, Not Woody Allen

Actress Mia Farrow is telling all to Vanity Fair magazine and dropped a bombshell about who the real father of her son Ronan may be. Who do you think he looks more like?


Charlie Sheen And His Wife’s Christmas Day Fight Was Over… “Train”

Charlie Sheen is one lucky guy if you ask me. The fact that he is not behind bars for reportedly holding a knife to his wife’s throat on Christmas Day in Aspen is beyond me.