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McDonald’s Secret Menu Items

If you’re tired of ordering the same old, same old from McDonald’s, we’re about to open your eyes (and tastebuds) to a whole new fast food world with the restaurant’s top-secret menu items! We came […]


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What’s The Secret To The Big Mac’s Secret Sauce?

Turns out, the secret to the Big Mac’s sauce has been right in our kitchen the whole time.


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The Recipe For Perfect Home-Made McDonald’s French Fries

The method to perfecting those tasty golden french fries from McDonald’s has been a heavily guarded secret for years, but L.A.’s Comme Ca restaurant owner/chef, David Myers, has the recipe to get perfect McDonald’s-style french […]


The Top Forgotten Retro Ronald McDonald Commercials From The ’60s And On

Numerous health organizations are campaigning to get McDonald’s to retire the familiar red-haired mascot of the popular fast food chain in order to limit marketing junk food to children. Ronald has been the happy face […]


Poll: Should Ronald McDonald Be Retired From Happy Meals?

The red-haired, golden jumpsuit clad clown Ronald McDonald has been the face for the fast food giant for years now, bringing smiles and joy to kids through Happy Meals. But now over 550 health professionals […]


Plan a California Fast Food Themed Road Trip!

California is perfect for the fast food, drive-thru culture: convertible with the top down, driving along PCH, burger and milkshake in hand, groovy music on the radio. That is the quintessential way to enjoy a […]