Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: "Like A Prayer" by Madonna


Happy Hour: Cabo Cantina

In order to get ready for Cinco de Mayo, here’s a decent pick for margaritas at great prices. And you can’t beat that until you get so drunk that someone has to carry you home.


National Margarita Day: The Best Margarita Recipes

Everyone has their secret for making a great Margarita, but we’ve got the scoop!  There’s plenty of ways to make a Margarita, but we’ve narrowed down the best recipes so you can celebrate National Margarita […]


National Margarita Day: Celebrate At The Best Margarita Bars In Los Angeles

It’s National Margarita Day, and the best way to celebrate it is going out and enjoying sweet drink.  In case you don’t even know where to start, we’ve got a list of the best places […]