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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Angels Fan Lands On Elderly Woman While Trying To Catch A Foul Ball

Talk about terrible fan etiquette – one baseball bro is getting flack after video of him toppling over an elderly woman sitting behind him while trying to snag a foul ball has gone viral. It […]


Credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images

‘Top 10 Signs You’ll Never Throw A No-Hitter’ According To Angels’ Jered Weaver

The Angels’ pitcher Jered Weaver counts down the ‘Top 10 Signs You’ll Never Throw A No-Hitter’ on Letterman


Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Albert Pujols Hits First Home Run As An Angel

Watch the crowd go wild as Albert Pujols hit his first homer as an Angel!


Take Me Out To The Ballgame

The L.A. Angels of Anaheim are in the Guinness Book of World Records, not for thier prowess on the diamond, but for their fans in the stands. The first 30,000 fans attending the game were given […]