Lindsay Lohan

John Travolta And Lindsay Lohan Announce New Mob Film About John Gotti

The Gotti family, Lindsay Lohan and John Travolta took center stage at a press conference in New York to announce plans for a new mob movie about the life of the late John Gotti. Travolta […]


Betty White Has Some Harsh Words For The ‘Ungrateful’ Charlie Sheen And Lindsay Lohan

There is one person who doesn’t think Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan should have a job in this biz, and that’s 89-year-old Betty White. She may seem all sweet and innocent on the outside, but […]


Betty Ford Employee’s Frantic 911 Call About Lindsay Lohan Assault

The 911 call made by Betty Ford Center employee Dawn Holland after she was allegedly attacked by Lindsay Lohan is out. The call was made back in December of 2010 and files for the alleged […]


Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Charge For Battery Against Betty Ford Employee

Apparently, no charges will be filed against Lindsay in that big rehab scuffle over at Betty Ford last year. The reason is the former Berry Ford Center employee recanted her statement to police regarding the […]


Lindsay Lohan Ditching Her Last Name

When you hear the name “Lohan,” the first you think of is, drama, drugs and attention starved people. This is why Lindsay probably decided to dump her last name. On Friday, her mother Dina Lohan […]


Lindsay Lohan Rolls The Dice By Rejecting Plea Deal To Opt For Trial

Lindsay Lohan has turned down a plea deal in her grand theft case where she is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice jewelry store in January. Lindsay met with her lawyer, Shawn […]


Lindsay Lohan Considers Pleading ‘No Contest’ To Grand Theft Felony Charge

Lindsay Lohan only has one more day to make a decision whether she will take a plea deal that will result in jail time, or plead guilty of the charge of stealing a necklace from […]


Entertainment Report: Lindsay Lohan Could Catch a Break In Court Thursday

Lindsay Lohan will be headed to court this Thursday to address the issue of whether or not she stole a $2500 necklace from a Venice jewelry store, unless there is a plea bargain beforehand. However, […]


Entertainment Report: Lindsay Lohan Tries To Fight Jailtime for Felony Grand Theft

It’s another day in court for Lindsay Lohan. This morning, she’s hoping to convince the judge to avoid a trial on felony grand theft charges steaming from the $2,500 necklace she allegedly stole from a […]


Entertainment Report: Charlie Sheen Gives Advice to Lindsay Lohan

  On Wednesday, Charlie Sheen called the Dan Patrick Show for the second time this week to give Lindsay Lohan some advice to consider. Hear what advice the trouble actor gave to the other troubled […]