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Mini Kitten

Video: Watch 2 Adorable Kittens Get Rescued From An Alabama River

The true definition of “Cat Fish”! Two men in Alabama went fishing on the Warrior River recently and found a pair of kittens in the river.  

K-EARTH 101–09/01/2015

Photo by Putu Sayoga/Getty Images

This Pair Of Headbanging Kittens Will Make Your Day!

Happy Friday!  And we have the perfect video to put a smile on your face! Check out this cute video of a pair of Headbanging Kittens! We promise it’ll make your day!

K-EARTH 101–06/06/2014


Video Of Five Synchronized Cats!

We’ve all seen cute little kittens follow a light on the wall before. But check out these cute 5 kittens as they are all sync’d up with each other! We are not quite sure what […]


Video: Kitten vs. Watermelon

We feel like this video is really a metaphor about life, but then again, it’s the end of yet another workweek and our brains are probably just overanalyzing. In any case, get your cute on […]