Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: "Like A Prayer" by Madonna

K-Earth 101 Morning Show

The Ohio Players: James “Diamond’ Williams On The Morning Show!!

  I want to give a special shout out to James David Williams of the [lastfm]Ohio Players[/lastfm] for calling the show this morning. When you get a chance, go to Love Rollercoaster to check out […]


Rock N’ Roll Memories and Rats On A Plane

Welcome Back!! Hope it was a good weekend, NOW BACK TO WORK!! We had a great phone poll today about your first Rock and Roll memory. There was a big response from everybody check it out […]


Today On The Morning Show

The 6am Fickle is all about a bulletproof chest!!! The 7am Fickle reminds you to always stay in contact with your probation officer!!! We had a great Generation Gap Contestant from Valencia, CA. We also had the […]


Today’s Entertainment Report with Lisa Stanley

In the 6am Entertainment Report Lisa tells us about the highest price ever paid for a comic book and the Celebrity who couldn’t afford it!! Also, there seems to be an infusion of young presenters […]


K-EARTH 101 Morning Show – Generation Gap

Miss Generation Gap this morning? Check out the daily Generation Gap Podcasts! Past 2010 Generation Gaps  through February 16th