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Jesse James

Entertainment Report: Jesse James and Kat Von D Engaged

Barely a year after his split with Sandra Bullock, Jesse James is engaged to L.A. Ink tattoo artist Kat Von D. While it may have come as a surprise to us, it was no surprise […]


Mel Gibson’s Baby Mama Oksana Is Now Facing Extortion Charges

Today it’s Mel Gibson’s ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva who maybe facing changes of her own.  Sheriff’s detectives confirmed yesterday that they are looking into a claim made by Mel Gibson that Oksana demanded cash from […]


Larry King Announces He’s Hanging Up His Suspenders!!

Last night Larry King confirmed what we already knew, he will be leaving his CNN talk show this fall.


You Will Need Big Bucks To Advertise With The Big O!!

If you want to advertise  on the finale of Oprah’s talk show, you better win the lottery.


Bret Michaels A Real Rockstar!!

Bret Michaels is truly a rock star.  Michaels appeared on Oprah yesterday via satellite from his rehab in Arizona, and all he could say was how thankful he was to be there. Bret told Oprah the only thing that matters […]


Bret Michaels: Hope For A Full Recovery

Good news is Bret Michaels is conscious and talking and so is his sister. Even better, doctors say Michaels probably won’t even remember any of this. Most people who suffer this type of brain hemorrhage have no recollection. Michaels […]


It’s Official: Sandra Bullock Has Filed For Divorce!!

After weeks of speculation we now have an answer, Sandra Bullock is leaving her husband Jesse James. While that bit of news may not come as a total shock, this should. She has adopted a baby […]


According To Donald Trump Tiger Woods is Getting Divorced!!

That’s right, after eight tumultuous months Elin Woods is finally out of the woods. According to several papers this morning, including my favorite…the NY Post. Friends say Elin met with the divorce attorney earlier this week before she […]


Oprah Kicks Stedman Out!!

The charade is over and Oprah has finally booted longtime love Stedman Graham out of her life and moved BFF Gayle King into her home. Friends are shocked about the partner sway and are warned this will erupt […]


Once Again Sandra Bullock’s Words Are Coming Back To Haunt Her!

In today’s 6 a.m. ‘Entertainment Report’ we found more words that may come back to haunt Sandra Bullock. If you remember, yesterday we played a clip from a 13 yr old interview Sandra did regarding […]