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Japan Earthquake

Video: Loyal Japanese Dog Stands By His Injured Friend’s Side

In the wake of all the heartbreaking stories and sad news since the Japan earthquake and tsunami damaged the land and lives of Japan, it’s refreshing to hear an uplifting story about survival and loyalty. […]


Kamasami Kong Talks About The ‘Uncountable’ Number Of Aftershocks Experienced In Japan

Years ago, Gary and his former radio partner, Kamasami Kong, worked together in the beautiful island city in Honolulu, Hawaii, but have since went their separate ways. Now living in Tokyo, Japan, Kamasami’s personal experience […]


Japan Earthquake: How You Can Help

Living in earthquake country here in Southern California the earthquake in Japan really hits close to home.  There are many ways you can help those who are affected by thedevastating earthquake and tsunami.  If, or […]