“Iron Man 2”

270 Movies From 2010 In One Video

Hundreds of movies come out each year and it is almost impossible to catch every single one. A guy calling himself “Gen I” has put together this amazing video that incorporates 270 movies from 2010.


How’s IM2 doing so far??

On its first day of release Friday, Marvel Studio’s “Iron Man 2” rocketed to #1 in domestic gross with an estimated 52.4 million dollars at the box office.


Will ‘Iron Man 2’ Also Conquer The Box Office?

Already there’s an industry buzz about a possible record being set during the first weekend of “Iron Man 2.” The summer box office season begins at midnight tonight (Thursday).


Iron Man 2 is Coming!!!

I had a chance Friday to chat with Anya Monzikova, who plays “one of the Rebekehs” in the soon-to-be-released Iron Man 2. 25 year old Anya lives here in the L.A. area and said how […]