Hurricane Sandy

post-Sandy photo courtesy of The Stone Pony

Historic NJ Venue Stone Pony Recovering From Hurricane Sandy

CBS Local spoke with Stone Pony booker Kyle Brendle, who described the scene at the historic venue. “Our property’s basically OK, the outside lot the fences were torn down, and debris, but that’s all small stuff,” he said. “We found weird stuff on the roof, toilet seats, someone’s chimney… There’s a little bit of sand and water got through our entrances, but we’re in great shape. We’re ready to go when there’s power.”


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Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Sting, Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera To Headline “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together”

Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Sting, Billy Joel and Christina Aguilera have all signed on for a a televised benefit concert to air Friday night, which will aid victims of the recent storm that decimated the northeast. Other artists are expected to be added to the program.


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Time Lapse Video Shows Intensity Of Superstorm Sandy In New York City

A time lapse video captures the intense weather and the calm after the storm in two minutes.



How To Donate To Hurricane Sandy Relief

Here are details on how to make a donation to Superstorm Sandy relief.


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Celebrity Twitter Reactions To Hurricane Sandy

See the top Twitter reactions from celebrities about Hurricane Sandy.


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Could Hurricane Sandy Postpone Election Day?

Friend of the Morning Show, Mike Opelka, gave his first-hand account of Hurricane Sandy, plus explained whether or not the disaster could postpone election day.


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David Letterman Tapes Audience-Free Show During Storm

Have you ever wondered what the Late Show would be like without any laughter? See some clips from David Letterman’s “silent” show.


Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coastline

Shocking Photos Of Destruction Caused By Hurricane Sandy

The massive ‘Frankenstorm’ across the east coast has caused major flooding, power outages and damage to many residencies along the Atlantic seaboard. President Barack Obama has declared the situation a ‘major disaster’ for large areas of the US East Coast including New York City.



News Reporter Photobombed “Gangnam Style” During Live Hurricane Coverage

A live report on Hurricane Sandy was ‘photobombed’ by two pranksters doing the “Gangnam Style” horse dance in the background!