Hotel California

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Eagles’ Don Henley Chastises Frank Ocean for Sampling ‘Hotel California’ Without Asking

Eagles’ Don Henley, singer of ‘Hotel California,’ is not a fan of Frank Ocean’s ‘American Wedding’ sample and has now spoken publicly about it.


The Eagles: After a heated feud at a Long Beach concert, band matesTimothy B. Schmit, Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Don Felder split up with Henly exclaiming they would only reunite "when hell freezes over." Things must have settled, because 14 years later The Eagles reunited for a tour and live album 'Hell Freezes Over.'

The Four Craziest Theories About The Eagles’ “Hotel California”

It was on this day (May 7) in 1977 that the Eagles’ topped the Billboard Hot 100 with the group’s fourth No.1 single “Hotel California” from the album of the same name. Written by members […]


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Don Felder Records New Version Of “Hotel California” With Styx, Foreigner

Don Felder teamed up with Styx and Foreigner to record a new version of the classic Eagles hit “Hotel California.” Listen to it here!


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American Tourist Murdered In Thai Karaoke Bar Over ‘Hotel California’

A night of what was supposed to be harmless fun singing karaoke, turned deadly after an American tourist refused to stop singing and was stabbed to death. Bobby Ray Carter was vacationing in Krabi, Thailand when […]