Is Your Closet Getting ‘Fat?’ Go on a Shopping ‘Diet!’

Style is innate; style comes from within and you don’t need money to look amazing. You just need imagination, soul and a little bit of humility. Celebrity stylist to uber-starlets like Halle Berry and Sandra […]


Face The World: The Best Ways To Hide Skin Flaws

  While we think you are beautiful even with your imperfections, having skin flaws can be disconcerting to even the most confident woman since your face is the first thing you present to the world. […]


Subtle and Sexy: Ten Fall Beauty Must-Haves!

Tired of the current trend of impossible, over-the-top beauty looks? Fall fashion is here to get you out of the trashy, flashy dregs; when the weather cools down expect make-up colors to become understated and […]


Lace and Leather: Launch of Madonna’s Material Girl Clothing Line

Lacy. Sassy. Fresh, flirty, fun! Madonna’s new junior clothing line for Macy’s, Material Girl is a mix of upper-class Gossip Girl with a punk-rock Betsey Johnson edge. Yesterday in NYC at Macy’s Herald Square, the girlie-glam […]


Kim Kardashian’s Advice For Curvy Women

The star is known for her extremely curvy figure and over-the-top sex appeal. So what are her top five tips for women looking to show off their curvy body?!


Nicole Ritchie’s Top Ten Terrific Style Tips

With a resumé that includes reality television infamy, drunk driving arrests, and a teenage head full of multi-colored extensions, Nicole Richie has a past reputation that is all about tacky. As we see with her recent “Top Ten […]


What to Wear: How To Dress For A Corporate Interview

While our recessionista budgets may not let us dress like our favorite corporate office maidens above from Mad Men, we can easily afford an appropriate interview outfit for a high-profile position with a couple of simple rules.  These rules apply […]


How Mick Jagger Get’s Dressed

[lastfm]Mick Jagger [/lastfm]of the [lastfm]Rolling Stone[/lastfm]s was on Larry King Live last night. You can see the interview at He still looks good! Here’s an article from The New Yorker that hangs out with […]


A New Book On Dior

You might think the new book Dreaming of Dior might be about the famous French fashion house, but it isn’t. Think you have an idea?  Check out the details after the jump!


Dress Codes For Men

Have you noticed a new trend at restaurants and nightspots around LA/OC? Dress codes for men! Many say it’s about time and are happy that establishments are banning baseball caps and shorts and baggy jeans […]