Endeavour Space Shuttle

Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/GettyImages

Watch The Endeavour Travel Through L.A. In Three Minutes

Check out this amazing time lapse video of the Endeavour’s trek through the streets (and its many close calls with trees!).


Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Endeavour Begins Two-Day Journey To The California Science Center

The Endeavour Space Shuttle began its 2-day journey through the streets to its new home at the California Science Center! See the close up photos!


Space Shuttle Endeavour Arrives In L.A. Atop Transport Plane

Endeavour’s Route Schedule & Viewing Locations

Get all the details on the Endeavour’s street route and the best areas to watch the shuttle pass by!


Space Shuttle Endeavour Arrives In L.A. Atop Transport Plane

Plan Ahead For Endeavour Street Closures, Large Crowds

Plan ahead for street closures and large crowds during the Endeavour space shuttle’s journey through L.A. streets.


space shuttle Endeavour Arrives In L.A. Atop Transport Plane

Endeavour Flies Over L.A. Landmarks

Welcome to L.A., Endeavour! See the space shuttle fly over some of L.A.’s iconic landmarks!


(Photo by Britt Bickel)

The Endeavour Flies By K-EARTH 101 Studios!

The Endeavour flew right past the K-EARTH 101 studios, so we took a few pictures as it went by!


Credit: NASA via Getty Images

Saluting K-EARTH 101 Listeners Involved With The Space Program

We’re saluting K-EARTH 101 listeners who had a hand in working with the space program in SoCal! Hear some of their amazing stories.


Credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images

Space Shuttle Los Angeles Flight Plan Revealed! Here’s The Map!

Thanks to our friends over at CBS 2, they have posted a map of the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s flight path over Los Angeles today!
Check it out!


Credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images

L.A. Landmarks The Endeavour Shuttle Will Fly Over

Find out which iconic L.A. landmarks the Endeavour Space Shuttle will fly over this Friday!


Poll: What Will Your Family Be Watching This Friday — The Royal Wedding Or The Final Launch Of Endeavour Space Shuttle?

Two momentous occasions are making history this Friday, but which one is worth watching live? The whole world will be fixated on the Royal Wedding ceremony between Prince William and Princess-to-be- Kate Middleton in the […]