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Drastic Fuel Price Comparisons Suggest Angelenos May Overpay For Gas

EAGLE ROCK (CBSLA.com) — While gas prices have fallen in the past month, drivers have notice an enormous spread in prices from one station to the next, with differences of over a dollar per gallon […]


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Now There’s An App That Lets You Text Jerky Drivers

By Nadia Noir/93.1 Jack FM Driving in Los Angeles can be dangerous, especially with the amount of aggression on the road and permanently sucky drivers. When a horn can’t express how we feel, there’s been […]


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How Bad Are LA Drivers? Watch This Supercut Of People Acting Like Jerks On The Road

With millions and millions of cars in Los Angeles, we’ve become accustomed to seeing our fair share of terrible drivers on the roads. One Angeleno has been filming his experiences on the road with a […]


With The Rain Comes Plenty Of Potholes

Besides flooding and mudslides, another downside to all the rain we’ve been getting over the past few weeks is potholes. Have you noticed they are popping up everywhere? You see people swerving to avoid them […]


10 Driving Mistakes You Might Make

  Have you ever had road rage only to discover after your momentary bout of anger that you were really the one at fault? Don’t just blame the other drive. Become a conscientious road warrior […]