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K-EARTH 101 Takes The ‘Dewitos’ Taste-Test Challenge!

As you may or may not have heard, Mountain Dew is testing out a new Doritos-inspired soda drink fittingly called Dewitos. It’s basically just how it sounds – Dewitos is a nacho cheese-flavored drink, and […]


Mountain Dew And Doritos "Every 2 Minutes" Live Auction Event Brings The Xbox One To Fans First At PAX Prime 2013

Doritos Is Giving Away Gold-Plated Chips

Make sure to look inside your Doritos bag for a golden surprise. Frito-Lay is putting a special golden Dorito chip in about three-thousand bags of specially marked Jacked Bold Mystery Flavor. The golden chips aren’t […]


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8 Super Bowl Commercials That Rocked

A 30-second commercial during Super Bowl XLVII ran advertisers in the neighborhood of $4,000,000 reported CNN Money in January. Of the dozens of new spots that aired yesterday, there are a few  worth highlighting based […]