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David Goldstein

CBS 2 News’ David Goldstein Singles Out Housing Commissioners for Charging Expenses on Tax Payers

This hour we are joined by our good friend David Goldstein from CBS 2 News. This hour he’s signaling out the tax payers who are allowing the housing commission of L.A. to run amok. It […]


CBS 2 News’ David Goldstein Investigates “Snitch Tickets” From Red Light Cameras

David Goldstein from CBS 2 News joined us this morning to discuss his latest investigative report about red light camera tickets. He’s revealing a trick a number of local law enforcement agencies use in order […]


CBS 2's David Goldstein Uncovers the Hidden Truth About Bed Bugs

  Everyone has been up in arms about the recent swarms of bed bugs found in hotels and even in their own home, and many services are taking advantage of the public’s fear of these […]


Exclusive Interview With Dan Aykroyd!!

Today we interviewed one of the stars of ‘Saturday Night Live’, Dan Aykroyd! Dan was also talking about his new Skull Vodka and the new Ghostbusters 3 that is in the works. Stay tuned for exclusive details!