Christmas 2012

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Ten Socially Conscious Christmas Tunes

As the music of the ’60s began to take on more social relevance, the same began to occur with original Christmas songs. Stevie Wonder made a plea that “Someday at Christmas men won’t be boys, […]


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Fandango’s Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies Of All Time

Movie site compiled the results from their user-generated poll posing the question “What is the worst Christmas movie of all time?,” and it was this one cult-favorite B movie from the ’60s that beat […]


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Our Top 10 Favorite Christmas Classic Videos

This time of year, K-EARTH 101 not only plays the Greatest Hits On Earth, but also the perfect blend of Christmas Classics. Watch the videos of our top 10 favorites.


The Grounds of Elvis Presley's Memphis Mansion, Graceland, Decorated for Christmas (Getty Images/Greg Campbell)

Rock Flashback: Elvis Presley’s Christmas Album

In those first white-hot years after “Heartbreak Hotel,” guardians of American virtue passionately hated Elvis Presley for corrupting the youth of America and threatening All We Hold Dear. In 1957, Elvis committed the greatest blasphemy […]


Tree 4

The KEARTH 101 Studio Christmas Tree Gets Decorated

It’s that time of year again!  We welcome Dr. Christmas, Debi Staron, to the studio as she decorates our KEARTH 101 studio Christmas Tree! Every year she brings the holiday to our studio! Check out […]