Reporter Serene Branson To Talk About Her Live Medical Emergency Tonight On CBS2

From our friends at sister station CBS2… Millions of viewers witnessed CBS2 Reporter Serene Branson’s medical emergency live on TV during the station’s newscast following the Grammys. Branson returned to work Thursday and shared what […]


Video: We Made It To The Late Show With David Letterman!

So during last night’s monologue on the Late Show With David Letterman, they used a clip from CBS 2 report to talk about Lady Gaga’s Egg Entrance! Check it out!


Gary & Lisa's Tips To Avoid Holiday Scams This Season

The holiday shopping season is starting even earlier this year, but before you go out to compare prices on the hottest gift items, make sure you know about these shopping scams!


VIDEO POLL: Banning Happy Meals???

Watch Gary and Lisa’s report on CBS 2 from this morning, then take the poll!


Video: Gary and Lisa's Three Things You Don't Want Your Spouse To Know

We all tell little white lies every once in a while to avoid causing harm or resulting in an unnecessary blowout. What are the top secrets couples keep from each other? Gary and Lisa list […]


Video: Gary and Lisa on CBS2!

Former Disney teen star, [lastfm]Miley Cyrus[/lastfm] is going through some growing pains transitioning into adulthood and has come under fire for her racy new music video “Who Owns My Heart.” Gary and Lisa debate whether […]


Video: Gary and Lisa Discuss Thin Women and Paychecks on CBS2

The issue with women and weight is always a hot topic in the news, and a new study has found that there might be a correlation between women being skinny and making more money than a women who weighs […]


Video: Gary & Lisa List Top 3 Ways to Lose Facebook Friends on CBS2

This morning on CBS2, Gary and Lisa join their friends Kent Shocknek and Suzie Suh to discuss the most common ways people are “defriended” on Facebook. So if you’re wondering why you may be losing friends online, you might […]


K-EARTH 101 Morning Poll: Do You Still Text While Driving?

A new study released last week by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety proved that states who enforce a ban on texting while driving doesn’t actually decrease the amount of cell-phone related accidents on the roads. […]


Video: Gary and Lisa List the Top 10 Songs That Make Men Cry on CBS2

Gary and Lisa share the top ten songs that make men’s eyes swell up and burst into tears (at least in Britain). Check out what made the list as Gary and Lisa count it down […]