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New Michael Jackson Song 'Breaking News' Confirmed As Real

Rumors and speculation can be put to rest: Michael Jackson does have a new song called “Breaking News” and it has been confirmed by numerous legitimate sources. Recorded in New Jersey in 2007, “Breaking News” […]


Gary and Lisa Cover the Latest Michael Jackson Controversy on CBS2

Although most of us are excited to hear unreleased material recorded by Michael Jackson before his untimely death, his family and the Jackson estate are not as thrilled by the release of “Breaking News.” MJ’s […]


Breaking News!! Is It Michael Jackson Or Not?

Sony has released the full version of his new single called “Breaking News”! But there’s doubt in whether or not it actually is Michael!! Listen to the new song and tell us if it’s MJ […]


Michael Jackson's "Breaking News" Teaser For New Album

Stop and drop everything you’re doing, we have “breaking news” about [lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]… It’s a big day for Michael Jackson fans as news of the release date for his new album, Michael, and cover artwork were […]