‘Glee’ Star’s Rock The Tony’s

The 64th Annual Tony Award’s on Sunday was a showstopping event. With performances from broadway’s finest, [lastfm]Matthew Morrison[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Lea Michele [/lastfm] who are the star’s from the hit show ‘Glee.‘ Check out the performance […]


Andrew and Katie OUT on American Idol — so is Rickey. RICKEY???

On last night’s perennial hit show “American Idol” on FOX, since Michael Lynche was “saved” last week, it meant TWO of the Top Ten Finalists would be shown the door this week. “Elvis Week” wasn’t […]


Once Again Sandra Bullock’s Words Are Coming Back To Haunt Her!

In today’s 6 a.m. ‘Entertainment Report’ we found more words that may come back to haunt Sandra Bullock. If you remember, yesterday we played a clip from a 13 yr old interview Sandra did regarding […]