Lisa Loves Showbiz: Ben Affleck Once Again Under Criticism For CensorshipYou ever wonder why we haven’t interviewed Ben Affleck? This story may be why.
Lisa Loves Showvbiz: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Reportedly In No Hurry To Get DivorcedThey are still living and traveling together, with and without the kids.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Matt Damon & Ben Affleck's "The Runner" Coming To Verizon's Go90 Mobile NetworkA game show reality series you can watch on your phone.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Ben Affleck Goes On "Deflategate" Rant On Bill Simmons' "Any Given Wednesday"It looks like, rather sounds like, Ben Affleck has gone a little nusty.
Ben Affleck To Direct His Own 'Batman' Movie For Warner Bros.To arrive in either 2018 or 2019.
Lisa Stanley Talks The Busy Life Of Ben AffleckBeen a big week for Ben Affleck.
Jennifer Garner Admits Ben Affleck Is The Love of Her LifeIn a new interview with Vanity Fair Magazine Garner opens up about her failed marriage and nanny gate.
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Say They’re Getting DivorcedThe couple announced in a joint statement Tuesday that the decision comes after careful consideration.
Moving Trucks Spotted Outside Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's HomeBut it's not what you think.
Watch Bono's Ebola PSA with Will Ferrell, Ellie Goulding, Ben Affleck, and MoreThe somber PSA features a plethora of famous faces, including Matt Damon, Thandie Newton, Connie Britton and Morgan Freeman.
Jennifer Garner Says "You're Welcome" For Ben Affleck's Nude Scene In 'Gone Girl'
New Photo Of Ben Affleck As Batman Revealed

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