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Red Sox’s David Ortiz Loses His Temper In The Dugout

Temper, temper, David Ortiz. Talk about being a bad sport; Red Sox’s #34 DH was ejected from Saturday night’s game against the Baltimore Oriels after losing his cool over a bad call in spectacular fashion. […]



Impressive Baseball Viral Videos: A Unique First Pitch & Manny Ramirez Homer

Need to be dazzled and wowed as you slowly make your way back into your daily work grind after the long weekend? We have just the videos for you. First up, we have rhythmic gymnast […]



Boyfriend Jumps Out Of The Way As Girlfriend Gets Hit With Baseball

The baseball season has just kicked off and already we’re seeing viral videos from the games! During the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Arizona Diamondbacks game Wednesday, a rogue homerun went deep into left-center field and […]



Hooters Ballgirl Interrupts Live Baseball Play

A Hooters ballgirl stops a live play and gives a fair ball to a fan in the crowd.


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Ump Ejects PA Operator After Playing “Three Blind Mice”

Note to baseball sound operators: Umps really don’t like it when you mock their calls over the loud speaker.


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Young Texas Rangers Fan Cries After Couple Snags Foul Ball

Nobody wants to be that person who makes a young child cry, especially when it’s caught on tape for thousands to see. One couple faced criticism from fans during the Texas Rangers and New York […]


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Child Makes A Mad Dash On Chicago White Sox Field

A fan stormed the field at the Chicago White Sox game on Thursday, temporarily disrupting the game, but getting a lot of cheers from the crowd. That’s because the fan was a young preschool aged […]


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Urges Fans To Stand Together And Root For Teams With Civility

Just days after the senseless violence that broke out after the L.A. vs. San Francisco opening game day, Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa released a PSA assuring to baseball fans that it’s still safe to […]


Street Date: Listen To Billy Joel’s New CD/DVD, “Live at Shea Stadium”

[lastfm]Billy Joel[/lastfm] was not the first artist to play a concert at Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets. But he was the last. Hence the title of the new documentary Last Play At […]


POLL: Did The McCourt Divorce Ruin The Dodgers Season?

  The Dodgers are stinking up the joint as the season comes to an end.  They started off strong but as news of the nasty divorce developed their season began to crumble! So we ask…..   […]