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Beer Vending Machines May Soon Be Coming To Ballparks Near You

By Nadia Noir Talk about a home run for impatient beer-guzzling baseball fans. Instead of missing an awesome play while waiting in an impossibly long line for some overpriced draught, Minnesota Twins fans will get […]


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Angels Fan Lands On Elderly Woman While Trying To Catch A Foul Ball

Talk about terrible fan etiquette – one baseball bro is getting flack after video of him toppling over an elderly woman sitting behind him while trying to snag a foul ball has gone viral. It […]


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Exclusive Photo Of The Dodger “Bandwagon” All Aboard!

We came across an exclusive picture of the Dodgers official “Bandwagon“. Everyone hop on board! Here’s a link to the PIC HERE!

K-EARTH 101–08/20/2013


Is This The Greatest Ceremonial First Pitch Ever?

This weekend the country of Korea produced another  impressive first pitch/acrobatic feat via actress and martial artist Tammy at a Doosan Bears game, as she did a full 360 spin before throwing home. Check out […]

K-EARTH 101–08/20/2013

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Awkward: Woman Says ‘No’ To Boyfriend’s Proposal At A Baseball Game

What should have been a happy moment for a couple was turned to an awkward moment as a man was left rejected and humiliated on the baseball field after his girlfriend said ‘no’ to his […]


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Red Sox’s David Ortiz Loses His Temper In The Dugout

Temper, temper, David Ortiz. Talk about being a bad sport; Red Sox’s #34 DH was ejected from Saturday night’s game against the Baltimore Oriels after losing his cool over a bad call in spectacular fashion. […]



Impressive Baseball Viral Videos: A Unique First Pitch & Manny Ramirez Homer

Need to be dazzled and wowed as you slowly make your way back into your daily work grind after the long weekend? We have just the videos for you. First up, we have rhythmic gymnast […]



Boyfriend Jumps Out Of The Way As Girlfriend Gets Hit With Baseball

The baseball season has just kicked off and already we’re seeing viral videos from the games! During the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Arizona Diamondbacks game Wednesday, a rogue homerun went deep into left-center field and […]



Hooters Ballgirl Interrupts Live Baseball Play

A Hooters ballgirl stops a live play and gives a fair ball to a fan in the crowd.


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Ump Ejects PA Operator After Playing “Three Blind Mice”

Note to baseball sound operators: Umps really don’t like it when you mock their calls over the loud speaker.