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Winners Of K-EARTH 101’s $500 Target Back To School Shopping Spree

Things are so tough these days for many families, so this week we wanted to lend a helping hand to some of those who need it most. We arranged to hold a contest to give […]


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Throwback Thursday: Find The #1 Song On The First Day You Started High School

Find what the #1 song was on the first day you started high school!


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Too Cool For School? The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show Share Most Embarrassing Moments In School

It’s back to school time! As many of our listeners are preparing their children for the new school year, The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show is reminiscing about their old school days, especially those embarrassing moments […]


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K-EARTH 101’s $500 Target Back To School Shopping Spree

Back to school time is in full swing, and we know for many families the cost of buying new clothes, supplies, lunches, etc. really adds up. The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show wants to help cover […]


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Back To School: Preventing Ilnesses

Homework isn’t the only thing kids bring home from school, they also bring home dozens of illnesses.  Whether it be the common cold, lice, or pinkeye, there are plenty of ways to prevent them.


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Back To School: School Bus Safety Tips

Well it’s the time of year.  Back to school.  A great time for parents, but not so much for the kids.  Millions of children nationwide are transported to and from school on school buses.  But […]


Moms Gone Wild: 10 Misconceptions About Sending Kids Back-To-School

  As mothers we are often expected to live our lives around our children and forego our womanhood. This is just one of many misconceptions that Yahoo! Shine contributor HybridMom would like to squash. This […]