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Arnold Schwarzenegger Considers Writing A Memoir

Last week Publishers were begging Maria Shriver to tell her story in a memoir to the tune of $15 million, and the verdict is still our on whether or not she will do it. In […]


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Maria Shriver Purchases $10 Million Mansion Blocks Away From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Family Home

It looks like things are moving along in the Schwarzenegger-Shriver divorce. It has been decided that Arnold will keep the family home in Brentwood, which is the one that he and Mildred had the extramarital […]


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Maria Shriver Officially Files For Divorce From Arnold Schwarzenegger, Offered Millions To Write Tell-All Book

After the shocking public split and admitting to a secret love child with another woman, former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was officially hit with divorce papers from Maria Shriver. Stating “irreconcilable differences” as the […]


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistress Mildred Baena Finally Breaks Her Silence

After two months of silence, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s baby mama is speaking out on how she broke the news to Maria. Mildred Baena, the housekeeper who had an affair with Arnold, broke her silence yesterday, telling […]


Mildred Baena’s Ex-Husband Plans To Sue Arnold Schwarzenegger Over Falsifying Birth Certificate

The ex-husband of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s baby mama, Mildred Baena,  says he plans to sue the former “Governator” on grounds that the birth certificate belonging to Arnold’s love child was falsified. Rogelio Baena claims he only […]


Arnold Schwarzenegger Flees Los Angeles Surrounding New Claims In Cheating Scandal

The Arnold Schwarzenegger saga continues to unravel with more details coming out about the scandal. Tabloid magazine Star has an explosive story with details on Arnold and Maria’s final showdown, claiming that there are 32 […]


Maria Shriver Could Walk Away With $100 Million In Divorce Settlement

Over the weekend, we learned that Maria Shriver was looking to buy a condo back in January well before the love child scandal erupted, but after she learned of the affair. According to the NY […]


Arnold Schwarzenegger Says “Hasta La Vista” To Hollywood Comeback

Apparently, the love child scandal is forcing Arnold to terminate his movie career. His only starring role now will be a big budget divorce. Yesterday, Schwarzeneggers attorney released a statement saying a return to acting […]


Identity Of Mother To Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child Revealed

According to several reports online, the name and identity of the mother to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate child has been revealed. [photogallerylink id=42426 align=left] Former Schwarzenegger housekeeper, 50-year-old Mildred Baena, is the alleged mother and mistress […]


Poll: Should We Link Up The Un-Edited Pic Of Arnold’s Love Child?

We came across the un-pixelated pic of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love-child he had with his housekeeper!  A bunch of websites are beginning to publish the photo! And here’s what we’re asking….