83rd Annual Academy Awards

Hollywood’s Biggest Night Failed To Impress At The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

If the doctor told me I had only four hours to live, I would re-watch the broadcast of the Oscars, because it felt like an eternity. As for the actual awards itself, there were no […]


2011 Oscars – Best And Worst Dressed

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards saw stars and celebs walk the red carpet into The Kodak Theatre. Who was the best dressed? Was it Jennifer Lawrence or was it Nicole Kidman? Who was the worst […]


Follow @GaryBryanShow on Twitter As He Covers The Oscars

As the 83rd Academy Awards begin to air live at 5:30, on ABC7, be sure to join our own Gary Bryan on Twitter as he Tweets throughout the Awards show.


Poll: Which Film Will Take Home The Golden Oscar For ‘Best Picture’ of the Year?!

This year, the Academy returns to nominating ten of the best films of the year for Best Picture. A lot of great films are competing for the title, but only one can win. Will The […]


Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Oscar Movie History: Complete List of Best Picture Winners from ‘Wings’ to ‘Hurt Locker’

Put your Oscar movie knowledge to the test with the complete list of Best Picture winners from the past 82 years of the Academy Awards! Can you name the first ever film that won Best […]


Which Actress Will Be Crowned ‘Best’ at the Oscars?

The Oscar race continues with Hollywood’s beauties vying for the title of Best Actress at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. Who is your favorite in the category? Will Natalie Portman’s riveting performance in Black Swan […]


Stars of ‘The Fighter’ Jack McGee and Mark Wahlberg Hope for a ‘TKO’ at the Oscars

Excitement took over the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show as Gary & Lisa welcomed commended actor Jack McGee, who recently starred in the Oscar-nominated film The Fighter alongside Mark Wahlberg. They’re joining the rest of amazing […]


Entertainment Report: The Oscars Spice Things Up With Eight New Changes for the Show

There are several reasons why this year’s Academy Awards will be bigger than ever, including eight new changes in store for Sunday night’s ceremony. Some of the changes will include tweeting moms of Oscar nominees, […]


Will Colin Firth Reign ‘King’ at the Oscars as Best Actor?

It’s a tight race for the leading men at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards this Sunday, and though Colin’s Firth dramatic role in the King’s Speech is creating the most best actor buzz, he has […]


Academy Award Winning Theme Songs From the ’60s-’80s by K-EARTH 101 Artists

Sure, the Academy Awards are all about the movies, but the story is hardly possible to tell without the support of music setting the tones in a film. Through the years there has been several […]