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Dave Grohl Rags on ‘American Idol,’ Defends Bob Dylan on ’60 Minutes’

You might know Dave Grohl as the frontman of the Foo Fighters, but according to the former drummer, he’s just a dad who spends a lot of time shuttling his kids around in a mini-van. And when he’s not busy doing that, he plays a little music.


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Juiciest Tidbits From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Recap some of the most revealing parts of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s interview on ’60 Minutes’ Sunday.


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Sneak Peek At Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Scandalous ’60 Minutes’ Special

Listen to a sneak preview of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming 60 Minutes interview this Sunday.


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Roger Waters on 60 Minutes

Waters spoke with CBS’s Steve Kroft about the enduring appeal of Pink Floyd’s The Wall album: “I think it strikes some chords that may be just beneath surface in most of us. What it’s about, […]


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Remembering Mike Wallace: The Best Of His ’60 Minutes’ Career

Legendary 60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace passed away at the age of 93 at his home in New Haven, CT on Saturday. His intense style of investigative reporting made him one of the most dreaded […]


Top TV Shows & Their Opening Theme Songs: 1981-1982 TV Season

If you were to ask someone in 1981-1982 what their favorite reality TV show is, they would either most likely give you a blank scare or probably ask if you’re talking about their favorite news […]


Conan O’Brien Opens Up To “60 Minutes”

  Conan O’ Brien gave his first public interview to “60 Minutes” yesterday. It was the first day he was allowed to give an interview as was in his contract since being ousted as the host of the “Tonight […]